All that Tech-Wise Services offers is to help you succeed. I combine your goals, needs, specifics, and expectations with expert solutions that translate into results that will benefit you the most. The experiences and knowledge I have is combined to develop what is needed for your success.

The Tech-Wise Services process is simple:

  1. You let me know you want to chat.
  2. We chat by phone for about 15 minutes.
  3. We meet and discuss your needs.
  4. We determine what exactly your needs are.
  5. We write down your vision and define goals.
  6. We determine an action plan that best addresses your needs.
  7. We work the plan to bring about results.


Collaboration with clients is at the core of how Tech-Wise Services operates.

Web Design

You may be an entrepreneur or a small business. I understand. I desire to help the individual, small group, and organizations succeed. You require a presence on the web and ways for persons to find you and learn about what you do. I can help you with web design that will be available for the world to discover. My web philosophy is simple. I know how to make our pages meet ICT Accessibility standards. I earned certifications in web Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that I will use to help the world find your web site. I can take your text and edit to enhance your SEO. (read more)

Technology Services

Technology is in nearly every aspect of our lives and the world. Finding and using the right technology is critical for all of us when we endeavor to accomplish goals and impact our world. Based on your needs, the solution may be simple or it may need coordination of multiple elements. I am here for you and will work our plan for your success. I am a QuickBooks ProAdvisor to help you with your financial record keeping. I have earned certifications in various applications and continue to learn all I can about technology. (read more)

Consulting Services for you:

My consulting services are available to you:

  • Instructional design and technologies,
  • Program planning, and
  • Evaluation and research.


I realized that the cookie cutter approach is not the best. None of our lives are that simple and neither are our needs. That is why I am willing to share with you all of my abilities to bring your results. You will discover that my unique approach is what is needed to address your challenges. (read more)

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