We do all this so you can enrich your world through learning and technology.

Collaboration with our clients is at the core of how Tech-Wise operates. First, we consult with the key players in your business or organization, and we work with you to determine what exactly your needs are for program planning, instructional design & technologies, and web design. We flesh out what goals you have for your constituents, and then determine an action plan that best suits your needs based on participants’ location and circumstances. And in truth, that formula is at the very center of everything we do: we combine your goals, needs, specifics, and expectations with our expertise to translate the results into a format that will most benefit your constituents and help you meet your goals.

Instructional Design & Technology

For us, life functions through learning, and learning enhances life. The two are inseparable. Using instructional design principles, we work with you in creating a learning experience that is relevant, fresh, and lively. Our style incorporates active learning as much as possible. We are diligent in moving away from lecture only structure. The instructional modality may be face-to-face, online, or both. Regardless, the whole person is involved in the learning process as we

  • challenge thoughts;
  • consider scenarios;
  • dig deeply into content to answer, “so what” and “what if” questions;
  • provide learners with information and tools;
  • apply knowledge to real-world scenarios; and
  • improve skill sets.


We believe that learning should be enjoyable, challenging, and foster intellectual and physical growth in the students. We work so learners can grow and learn becoming better than they were.

Tech-Wise supports your efforts to bring about well-designed content integrating technology. Our collaboration will take your expertise to fashion learning in meaningful ways for learners. We will find the right technology and help you use that tool.

We will discuss your content, design ideas, and ask lots of questions, so we understand what you need. From there we will work hard for you to build a product structured on proven education theories and uses technology that benefits learning and growth.

Let us focus on what is behind the content and event so you can concentrate on your work and your clients. We will figure out how to mix all the right parts together. We do not introduce new applications and technology unless it is needed. We found that many times what you have already will work. We will collaborate with you and your team to better understand your tools and apply that new knowledge to support what you do.

Program Planning

Program planning is an important aspect of your business. It allows you to share information, knowledge, and skills with your clients and teammates. Programs and events come in all sorts of formats and sizes. They also provide opportunities to meet goals, share information, network with others, and many other shared experiences. Tell us what you want to accomplish so we can collaborate on the who, what, where, when, why, and how of your program or event. Let’s discuss what you hope to accomplish–the why of program planning. Then we can begin the process. Tech-Wise will work the program plan and manage the details.

The type of program is up to you. Envision a day-long training or professional development event. Perhaps you wish participants interact more than one day. Your organization may benefit more if an external agent leads your team through brainstorming sessions or a structured networking event. Regardless, we will work with you through program planning for a great experience in the best format.

Once the program is over, we will work with you to evaluate the impact of your event. Then, we can begin planning for the next one. We are here and will collaborate with you. We will reach out to our network of experts if you need a particular expertise, just for you. We want you to have the resources necessary to succeed.

The right program planning will empower you to enrich your world through learning and technology.

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Web Services

You may be an entrepreneur or a small business. We understand. Our desire is to help the individual, a small group persons, and organizations succeed. The services we provide are what we know and do. Tech-Wise is here to help you. Two of our primary services are

  • Web design, and
  • QuickBooks Online support.


Web Design

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You may be starting out needing to make your web presence. We can do that for you. You might be a person who wants an eportfolio that professionally reflects your character and displays your talent. Tech-Wise is here for you.

Our belief is that simple is often the best. What does that mean for you? The web design we build together will be practical, clean, simple, and functional. Our experiences are one of the best elements we offer. Our training is genuine, and we want to share that expertise with you. Let Tech-Wise help you enrich your world through learning and technology.

QuickBooks Online Support

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We want to help you build your business. We can do that with discounted rates for QuickBooks Online subscriptions. We also can help you in setting up your QBO account and show you how to use this great tool. QuickBook Online and Desktop versions are intuitive and are easy to use. Contact us to learn more about QBO and how we can support you.

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Ancillary Services

We are here for you and your success. Talk with us so we can decide what is needed. We will work directly with you or assist you in finding the expert to meet your need.


Business Operations

Whether you are a small business owner, a fresh start-up entrepreneur, or a small organization we will help you. We want you to succeed. You may need to establish workflows and processes. Setting up standards that are fair and practical in your organization is hard work. We can assist you.


Evaluation and Research

These processes are all about cultivating information. Through discussions, surveys, focus groups, investigation of relevant literature, and our own observations, Tech-Wise can help you assess your needs and evaluate your current programs and content. We’ll collaborate with you to gather information and analyze data, and we’ll report all our findings in a manageable, comprehensible format that you can then apply to the problems you face in our organization. If you like, we will work with you to develop solutions based on data.


Other Technologies

We know of technologies that may enhance your abilities enriching your world through learning and technology. We have at our disposal a network of specialists that may be exactly who you need. We can guide you in choosing the right technology and people. Ask us. Talk with us. We are here to partner with you to be successful and impact your world. We can be your creative agent to find practical solutions.

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