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I started Tech-Wise Services so you and I could partner together accomplishing our goals. As a small business owner, I understand that resources are often constrained, and the “little guy” needs web consulting and technology services to build an organization and to communicate with the world. I want to help small organizations and persons looking for web design and other technology services. I am here specifically for entrepreneurs, small business owners, nonprofit organizations, and individuals to provide services that meet your needs and are budget friendly.

You + Tech-Wise Services = Successful Partnership

Our journey begins when you contact me to set up a short phone call. Use the contact form to provide me with your information.

Web Design

We will begin with a short phone call to discuss your web communication vision. We will meet to discuss details and make a plan when we agree that we can accomplish things together.

Technology Services

There are many web-based services available that may be the ideal fit for your purpose. During our phone call, we will decide how to proceed. We will meet, if we choose to work together, to discuss details and make a plan.
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Working together you and I can accomplish much. It is from our chat that we will balance web design, and technology services to focus on the goals we have. Together, we will develop an action plan. We will have greater success and foster the results desired when collaborating.

Technology is a tool that can be used to meet many needs. I work with you to find the best solution for the best results. Our partnership will be that needed boost you want. Collaboration is key. My unique approach to wisely using technology and keeping things simple give us an advantage that others do not have.  Let’s talk and plan something exciting.

Begin the journey now by contacting me!

About Tech-Wise Services

I understand that not all situations are cookie-cutter. At Tech-Wise, I work with you to evaluate your need and implement the best practical solution. Collaboration is at the core of all my services. I collaborate with you, my partner, and get a deep understanding of your needs, with the goal of providing solutions tailored exactly to the challenges you face. Learn more about Tech-Wise.

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If you’re committed to moving forward to address needs, I am ready to help. Schedule a session and start the journey to success with your best foot forward. Complete the contact form.

You + Tech-Wise Services = Successful Partnership