Fred Prasuhn

Portrait photograph of Fred Prasuhn.Fred Prasuhn is an experienced cross-functional professional who, through practical liberal praxis, conservative core, and ingenuitive application, builds on the belief that the sum of all parts makes a greater whole. Or, to use terms, a polymath or multipotentiality. Some have told Fred that he needs to settle on just one interest. Doing so is not who Fred is. Instead, he is a persistent polymath; that is, someone who refuses to settle down and pick just one career or hobby. Fred is greatly interested in growing, learning more, and experiencing more.

I have always enjoyed learning. Regardless of the setting I would examine and think about the details I saw and the things experienced. It was natural for me to fill roles of trainer, teacher, coach, and mentor. I also used my knowledge to develop and run several programs during my nonprofit and corporate lives. For me, it is all about making things work.


Perhaps it is an internal drive within me to find ways to learn and experience more. My degree work is all about education. I learned about helping others gain knowledge. Another element was learning how to use technologies within learning environments so that students had more opportunities to learn and to apply their new knowledge. Later, I focused on the adult learner within the online learning environment. In and out of class I found ways to learn specifics about my work setting. Each time I learned something new I would mix that knowledge with all that I already knew and figured out how and when to apply to new contexts.

About the time I began college courses, I started focusing my desire to learn. I realized that learning was not enough if I could not apply knowledge and skills. For example, while working on my bachelor’s degree, I discovered computers. At that point, I became engrossed by the fast-growing world of computers and technology, and vied to learn as much as possible about all the developments that were happening in the field. Fueled by curiosity and seasoned with experiences I began the interest in educational and instructional technologies.

I quickly discovered many opportunities where technology, when used wisely, would provide a solution or improve a service. The focus became to help others to understand and use technology in meeting needs. I started with computer training and end-user support. Later I mixed technology with learning. Through schooling my development understanding technology use through research while focusing on application in education. I then solidified my qualifications by completing degree programs that ultimately served to hone my expertise in the fields of education, technology, and program development.


It was a natural fit for me to be in the teacher/trainer’s role. I remember the first training module format I learned: explain, demonstrate, practice together, learner doing, and follow-up. I used this model as a foundation for my teaching from that point forward. I later learned the theory behind the process. I then found myself developing programs for learning was fulfilling. Regardless of the setting (restaurant, corporate, and nonprofit), I got involved in teaching and training. It was a natural extension of me as a person and my character.

Fred Prasuhn and Tech-Wise Services

For years I have taught college courses. Even now, I teach at least one online class a term. I consider my philosophy as life is learning and learning is life. For me, there is not any separation. Thus, I use my schooling and my experiences to benefit others. Tech-Wise Services is an avenue for me to learn about you and your setting. Working together we develop a plan where we both determine how best to meet needs and how to improve. I learn something with each project.

If you like, learn more about me on my website.

I enjoy taking a situation and figuring out how to make it work better. Contact me so we can collaborate.