Tech-Wise Services

I learned just how difficult it was for an entrepreneur to find services to get started when working with others. I also experienced how difficult it was to obtain the information needed. Furthermore, there was little communication after the agreement for services. Through Tech-Wise Services I provide web design and technology services with a personalized touch. I will

  • work with you,
  • discuss options with you,
  • provide details for informed decisions, and
  • keep you updated on progress.


My Partnership With You

business team working on a table

My purpose and strategy are simple. The mission of Tech-Wise Services is providing support to individuals and businesses in succeeding in their endeavors. I incorporate many elements, all of which revolve around providing the knowledge and tools necessary for valid results, regardless of the setting. Tech-Wise’s strategy is keeping things simple. So, we collaboratively devise a simple, yet, strategic, game plan to accomplish our established goals. Our partnership brings you success and makes your clients happier. Tech-Wise Services offers expert solutions tailored precisely to your needs.


I am a firm proponent of open communication. You deserve details, options, and updates during the project. I will provide you with timely news so you can be aware of what is happening. We will have check-ins to evaluate progress and adjust our course moving forward. Our work is a partnership. As such, we will communicate and support each other to meet our goals.


Tech-Wise Services is here for you and your success. I use all of my experiences and learning to form a plan that meets your needs. I have worked in the food, corporate, and nonprofit industries. My education is about learning and teaching. Part of my life philosophy is that learning is life and life is learning. That means I take all that I have learned and all that I have experienced applying to the present. My skills include web design, technology, program planning, instructional design and technologies, training and development, and a few other crazy abilities. If I cannot give you an answer, most likely, there will be someone in my network able to support you.

Web Design

Do you have a web presence that works for you? I can assist you with web design to get your brand and message announced to the neighborhood, the town, and beyond. My philosophy is keeping things straightforward and practical. I am happy to build an online portfolio showcasing your accomplishments, services, and your organization. (read more)

Technology Services

Technology is a tool. Do you have the right tools to accomplish what you want to do? Do you need to focus on your work? There are so many technology options available, and it takes time to filter out what is best. So, let me find and introduce to you possible solutions. (read more)

Consulting Services

Sometimes we all need a fresh perspective, advise, and help. I can be that support you need, and I have access to a network of professional colleagues that assist. I know instructional design and technologies that you may need to develop training or courses. Program planning is an extension of instrutional design in that you build on the assessed needs to provide solutions. I have planned annual conferences, seminars, webinars, meetings, and gatherings. If I am not able to help you with evaluation and research, I know many others who are skilled to work with us. (read more)

You + Tech-Wise Services = Successful Partnership

Contact me if you are ready to work together.