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Our Beginning

The passions for learning, program planning, instructional design & technology, and website design is in the mission of Tech-Wise. The formation of Tech-Wise is the cumulative result of Founder and President, Fred Prasuhn. His interests in learning and technology originated in the ‘80s when his college classmate introduced him to computer programming. From there, Fred became engrossed by the fast-growing world of computers and technology, and vied to learn as much as possible about all the developments that were happening in the field. Fueled by his curiosity and driven by his past experiences, so began Fred’s interest in educational technologies.

He quickly discovered many opportunities where technology, when used wisely, would provide a solution or improve a service. Thus, Fred’s mission began to help all he could to understand and use technology in meeting needs. He started with computer training and end user support. Fred commenced using technology with learning. He developed his understanding of technology use through research while focusing on application in education. He then solidified his qualifications by completing degree programs that ultimately served to hone his expertise in the fields of education, technology, and program development.


Our Partnership With You

Fred formed Tech-Wise Educational Services with the mission of helping individuals and businesses succeed. The business of Tech-Wise utilizes many services, all of which revolve around providing the knowledge and tools necessary for effective results, regardless of the setting. We operate collaboratively with you to accomplish our established goals. Our partnership brings you success and makes your clients happier. Tech-Wise offers expert solutions tailored exactly to your needs.

Let Tech-Wise do what it knows best–program planning, instructional design & technology, and website design. That allows you to focus your energy and productivity on what you do best. Our schooling and experience are tools that you can use to impact your employees and better meet the needs of your clients.


Program Planning

Program planning is a daunting task for many persons. Tech-Wise takes a practical approach to design and implement programs that are successful and provide a return on your investment. Creating impacting and meaningful learning events is not an easy task. Let Tech-Wise deal with details so you can focus on other priorities. Combining your expertise with our abilities will create the perfect training, professional development, seminar/webinar, or multi-day experience.


Instructional Design & Technology

Technology strongly affects learning and society, which complicates the process of designing instruction. Applying instructional design principles and choosing the right educational technologies are something that Tech-Wise can do for you. Tech-Wise is here to discuss your needs and help you find a perfect blend of sound instructional design, theory, and application through the wise use of technology.


Web Design

You may be starting out making your presence known on the internet. You could be an individual that wants an eportfolio to showcase your knowledge and skills. Perhaps you are a small business on a limited budget that needs to begin the process of putting your brand out on the web. Tech-Wise web design is a service that you need. We believe that all the fancy effects are not needed. Instead, we work with you to develop a clean well-developed web design that you will be proud to present as your website.


Tech-Wise Educational Services

Before computers were commonplace and integrated into our daily lives, Fred, our Founder, pursued a curiosity. Years later he blended his passions for education, program planning, and technology into Tech-Wise. Our passion and dedication to you are available for your program planning, instructional design & technology, and website design needs. Contact us so you can enrich your world through learning and technology.

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