Our desire is to partner with you and work together toward our goals. We specialize in program planning, instructional design & technology, and website design projects are how we can support you and your work. Our interrelated services are intended to bring the best solutions together to meet your needs. Technology is the hub of our partner-focused design. Instructional design, program planning, educational technologies, and web design intricately work together to produce a final custom product for you. Our unique approach to wisely using technology gives us an advantage that others do not have.

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We believe life is learning. Using instructional design, we create the learning environment that goes beyond lecture and handouts; simply we work to involve the whole person. We work hard to engage learners’ senses to deepen knowledge. We use active learning giving students the tools and information needed to grow intellectually and build skills. We strive for high-quality education through online and face-to-face environments that are enjoyable and challenging.

Graphical representation of the services provided by Tech-Wise Educational Services.In our ever-changing world, it is a challenge knowing how to create learning events and material. It is troublesome, as well, to know what technology to use and how to use it wisely. We will collaborate with you from conception to use. Proven education theories and practical application of technology are the foundations for the outcomes we help you achieve. Education may not be as effective as you wish unless you can use the gadgets that your learners use and relate to their world. We firmly believe that technology is a tool for learning. When used wisely, modern tools (smartphones, computers, tablets, applications) will create rich and impacting learning environments that were not available a decade ago. (Read more.)



Programs and events come in all sorts of formats and sizes. They also provide opportunities to meet goals, share information, network with others, and many other shared experiences. Tell us what you want to accomplish so we can collaborate on the who, what, where, when, why, and how of your program or event. Envision a day-long training or professional development event. Perhaps you wish participants interact more than one day. Why not use your expertise through online learning? It may mean more for your organization if an external agent leads the team through brainstorming sessions or a structured networking event. Regardless, we will work with you through program planning for a great experience. (Read more.)



The heart of our mission is helping individuals and small businesses succeed. We can assist you with simple web design to get your brand and message announced to the neighborhood, the town, and beyond. Our philosophy is keeping things straightforward and practical. Do you have information that your employees need access to regularly? Do you want to promote your new adventure and let the world know you are in business? Why not promote yourself? We can help you build an online portfolio that allows you to showcase your knowledge and talents. (Read more.)

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We understand that not all situations are cookie-cutter. At Tech-Wise, we work with you to evaluate your need and implement the best practical solution. Learn more about us.

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Collaboration is at the core of all our services. We collaborate with you, our partner, and get a deep understanding of your needs, with the goal of providing solutions tailored exactly to the challenges you face.

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If you’re committed to moving forward to address needs, we’re ready to help. Schedule a session and start the journey to success with your best foot forward.